Mimis’ first day

Mimi stared at her reflection in the glass that covered the door at the entrance of the building. The building that she would be spending her whole summer at, she grimaced this would be her life now, office look to business casual, she would smile at people and pretend she wasn’t being forced to spend her 21st summer working at a rundown library.

Fine, she would just have to make the most of it. she turned her head to peer deeper into the glass, taking in her whole frame, at least she looked good.  In all honesty, she was five eight 125 pounds, full c-cup with a rounded butt from extensive yoga, she never didn’t look good. She heard a light cough from behind her and turned to stare at where it had come from. Blushing she cursed under her breathe, Stanley McGuire. Or stan as he had insisted, she call him from now on was the guy who ran the library, he looked just like he had the last time, tan suit jacket over a pale sweater and slack trousers. Essentially, like he belonged there. she hid her frown easily with a non-committal smile, “morning Stanley-

He interrupted her with a tsk. “remember what we agreed on?”

She did her best not to roll her eyes, “right. Stan.” He smiles grew wider, “perfect.” He seemed to assess her for a moment, she had worn a simple skater skirt below a fitted v-cut sweater and tennis shoes, it wasn’t exactly formal, but it would do for her first day-at least she hoped it would. He said nothing and simply started to walk, she followed him.

Hours later, Mimi was lounging on the seat behind the computer at her desk. After minutes of waiting for someone to come, she grudgingly accepted that no one would, she surfed the net and decided to buy lingerie online, after surfing for a bit she searched the office area for any signs of stan, not seeing him she clicked the link for sex toys, she peered into her screen assessing the new inventory for a few minutes, then she heard the familiar cough, the same one she’d heard earlier that morning. Looking up she found Stan peering into the screen behind her, “while I appreciate your taste, I would think office hours are not best suited for this.” she groaned inwardly, perfect her first day was ruined.

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