Cute corsets

Corsets (as lingerie, at least) can be intimidating. When I hear someone say “corset,” I’m usually thinking of either a Victorian woman being stuffed into something until she looks frighteningly thin OR some ultra-sexy, borderline-hardcore lingerie. But there’s a plot twist here: corsets can be cute pieces of sexy lingerie, too. Without being way too tight or somehow just injurious to your body. (Nobody wants that.)

As lingerie, corsets are often paired with either thigh-highs or garters. Sometimes, they’re paired with both. I personally think that the use of both thigh-highs and garters is pretty bold, but it’s a nice, sexy look.

Depending on the type of corset you get, you can have either a sensual, elegant, or just flat-out erotic look.

I really like this corset because of the subtle cuts near the chest that highlight skin without seeming like it’s showing “too much” of your body. Frederick’s is a high-end brand, but there are tons of affordable brands that sell corsets too.

If you’re not really into that type of lingerie, though, there are also corsets like this that offer more coverage while still being unbelievably sexy.

Personally, I think that lingerie needs to move over and make room for corsets as a statement piece. They’re super sexy but also sensual. What do you think?

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