The Cheerleader and Football Player

Most men will not be able to resist their women when they are dressed up as a cheerleader. The tight sweater, the short little skirts…and let’s not forget the pom poms!

You can incorporate the cheerleader into your sexy role play by acting out a cheerleader and football player fantasy. The fantasy can start when the cheerleader approaches the football player and tells him she has always admired the way he fills out his uniform.

From there, the two can go at it like…well like a couple of teenagers, but whatever you do, the poms poms should play a major role! They can be used to tickle and stimulate your partner and even to gently whip them.

To make things even more exciting, you can pretend you are doing it under the bleachers or in the locker room. Since there is a risk of getting caught, you must do what you can to be quiet and finish quickly. However, this can be difficult to do when the sex is so pleasurable and exciting.

Another thing that can add to the excitement is pretending that you are forbidden to have a relationship together. You can make up a situation where there is a rule forbidding cheerleaders from dating football players. This is another reason why the sex is forbidden and so much more stimulating.

If you are looking for sexual role playing character ideas that will make your sex life more exciting, the cheerleader and football player is a classic. How will you be incorporating it into your time in the bedroom to increase intimacy in your relationship?

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