Teddy Bears and… Teddy Lingerie?

It might be a bit of a gimmick to receive lingerie for Valentine’s Day, but I kind of hope it happens for me.

There’s this thing (or there used to be, anyway) about giving a girl a teddy bear for V-Day. Well, I’m a woman, not a girl. And I say: give me teddies. I’d get so much more use out of a sexy teddy, anyway. (Sorry, Roosevelt!)

Maybe that just sounds insane, but hear me out.

  1. Teddies are super cute, super sexy lingerie.

You can feel so sexy in a teddy, and it will give a lot more back to your relationship than a teddy bear would (if you know what I mean). Even if you’re not in a relationship, you could still bring out a sexy piece of lingerie on a fling. A stuffed animal? I’d hope you wouldn’t bring that!

2.  They’re really comfy, and you can wear them as clothing (even lace teddies).

Imagine this: things are heating up in your life, both in the bedroom and weather-wise. You still might not use your sexy lingerie as much as you want to, though. And maybe you just want to show off your body. Throw a skirt over a teddy and add a cute pair of shoes. Bam! Total date night material (or even just, “look how cute I am doing errands and whatever” material). Teddy lingerie becomes teddy clothing. It is truly the gift that gives back.

3. They’re HOT.

Forget bras or thongs. You probably wear at least one of those every single day. (Probably the bra, but if you’re doing thongs on the daily, I wish I was that brave.) How often do you get to wear a lace teddy?! Probably not as often! And you would feel great wearing one, because I think it’s impossible not to feel great in one. TEDDIES FLATTER LITERALLY EVERY BODY TYPE.

Come on, guys, just get us a teddy already. Yes, that kind. please.

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