Simple things to consider when buying lingerie online

There are many things to consider when you choose to buy lingerie in Canada, several of them don’t even have to do with the lingerie itself; the store, the distance, your time, will you be taking your car or public transit. All these are valid concerns when going out shopping for anything. Buying erotic lingerie Canada also brings an added nervousness when you consider the crowd of people you will undoubtedly meet when getting to the mall or shop, this can certainly be disconcerting when shopping on the more risqué side for sexy lingerie.

All things considered, most of us end up opting out of physical shopping and go for online shopping, but that’s a little different with lingerie, not every item is going to be a one size bodysuit lingerie and not being physically there to assess the material could pose some really frustrating issues. That’s why today I am going to be sharing simple things to consider the next time you want to buy lingerie online in Canada.

Ask questions, yes, it’s an online store but like most professional websites they will likely have an online customer care representative ready to chat. Don’t shy away from this helpful offer because these representatives are trained and hopefully armed with all the knowledge that may be too bulky to place on the site. The message, and communicate as you would with an instore representative, that way you know you are getting the most for your buck. Remember to stay polite!

The material, this seems like a no brainer, right? However, it is something most of us gloss over. We check surface labels and are satisfied, does it say lace, or polyester, silk or satin? This might be the easy way of going about this but remember you aren’t able to physically attest to the quality. You want the material that looks the sexiest and feels the comfiest. Look for softer material description is the lace mesh, French, or swiss? Swiss lace is very soft. Satins like lucent and cotton, and princess lace are great and comfortable. Muslin and most silks are great as well. You want to avoid polyester as much as possible as it is quick to conduct heat and therefore not the most comfortable.

Sizing charts, sizing charts are not there for accessorizing the site. While most companies adhere to a regulated size margin, things such as production country, or personal preference could change the margins and leave you unsatisfied and confused. you will want to not only know your measurements but check what category they fall under in a company sizing chart.

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How helpful did you find these? Let me know in the comments!

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