Mimi Learns a Lesson Pt. 1

Mimi was certain Stan would say something but he had not and she was starting to think that that would be her punishment. Mindlessly waiting for a write up that would never come until she lost it. it had been three and a half weeks since her first day on the job. when she had first been caught trying to buy lingerie online in Canada and about five days since she had been nabbed doing the same thing again, except this time there had been a porn pop up, stupid library and their lack of ad-block.

It wasn’t really her fault, the library was often empty on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and she was addicted to the act of buying lingerie in Canada. She shuffled in her seat for a moment her mind reaching farther, he couldn’t possibly fire her for shopping online. Weren’t addicts a protected class of people.

This was getting out of hand, making up her mind she decided on her next plan of action. She would ask Stan if she was in trouble or not. If she was not, she would return to business as usual and if she was, well she would accept her punishment. Either way, it beat her constant state of apprehension lately.

Ten minutes later, she peered around, it was a Wednesday, so the library was a graveyard as per usual. It didn’t even stay open longer on those days, closing at two in the afternoon but Stan insisted she spends the total eight hours on the job simply staring. It was currently twelve, so she stood up and made the awkward walk over to his office. Knocking on the door she listened as he motioned her to come inside.

He was seated behind his desk, eyes focused on something on his laptop before he switched his attention to peer at her clearly waiting for her to respond. She took a deep breath and sighed out, it was now or never.

“I was just wondering if I’m going to be reprimanded for the online thing?”

He stared at her for a second before speaking, “the porn?”

Her eyes rounded in shock, is that what he thought she spent her free time doing?

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